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MirrorMask Friday logistics update
Bar Harbor
MirrorMask is showing at Kendall Square at 7:20. If someone vehicle-enabled could pick kestrell and I up at the T at around 7:00, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, we'll have to leave a lot earlier to be sure of making the walk in time...

EDIT: fixed tag. Also, while browsing the Moviefone on-line ticket site, I see that they have four categories of ticket for sale: General, Child, Senior, and "48 Hour Relief". What the heck is 48 Hour Relief???

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(Deleted comment)
Ummm... I'm not sure that actually saves anymore time than cutting through the Kendal food court, out the back, and across the driveways along Galileo (Ames St with pretentions). Going through the food court, at least, gives on the illusion of cutting the hypotenuse, which makes my grandfather happy.

(Deleted comment)
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