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Strange Dream
Bar Harbor
For some reason, most of the Barony was in a hotel in Australia. There was going to be an SCA event in the afternoon, but something else had been going on the previous evening -- perhaps it was an SF con? -- and no one seemed to have slept. mermaidlady and lakshmi_amman were still in beautiful white sequinned dresses (not the same design, but similar elements) while helping set up for the event. juldea was wearing a costume of red and black leather with silver trim, that was sort of a mix between a Sailor-Moon-ish outfit and bondage gear; from *most* angles it wouldn't have gotten her arrested for indecency. Daffyd (does he have an LJ) was doing something chirurgical, helping someone who had collapsed on the floor. 43duckies was enthusing over how cool Australia was, and with the exchange rates so good, she was going to have to come back soon. There was lots more, but the details have already faded, sigh...

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let mr know when it comes out on dvd. i think i would like to see it...

Googley eyes. My role in this drama scares me. ;)

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