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Weekend update
Bar Harbor
Spent much of Saturday with cvirtue, metageek, and the twins. Significant progress has been made. Only the very briefest of hiding from me when I arrived, and the only screaming (related to me) was when I *left*. I'm so proud :-)

The twins look more alike than they did last time, but they continue to have very individual personalities. Though they do both show a strong appreciation for mud, and for climbing all over me like a jungle gym. Thankfully, not in that order.

Even got to have a chat with CV about the new Harry Potter book, while she was distracting the twins with thrown grapes. (Very important to have games where the parent doesn't expend much energy, but the children do...)

I probably would have difficulty being a full-time parent, but I enjoy being an "honorary uncle" a great deal :-)

Spent most of today cleaning/rearranging. Got most of what I wanted accomplished, if not all. Found the props I'll want for mom's memorial ceremony. Got the movie collection back in order, and (temporarily) fitting on the alloted shelves. Mind you, that's only because I removed all of the "I've been meaning to see this but haven't yet" movies, which made a stack about 2 feet high...


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