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Another Stealth Vampire story found
Bar Harbor
...making a total of four that I know of. "Halley's Passing", by Michael McDowell, 1987. It's sort of an inverse police procedural, following a very methodical serial killer on his rounds, as he does his best to move around randomly, avoiding police attention, and killing someone at random every night. At the end of the story, he sees Halley's Comet passing, and reminisces on the several previous times he's seen it, and the good old days when he didn't need to move so often, and could do more than just lick a bit of blood of his fingers every night...

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I just read the Penguin Book of Vampire Stories, which is chronological by writing - starting with 3 or 4 pre-Stokers, including a Stoker, and then coming up to relatively contemporary. Several of them are essentially Stealth Vampire stories, and many of them are quite good... but the best part of the book is watching the conventions be tweaked until they settle down.

Thanks, added to my Amazon wish list.

[Sadly, the search terms "penguin" and "vampire" did not tunr up anything terribly amusing...]

I read that one a while back. It's one of those collections that I enjoy having read more than I enjoyed reading.

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