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Wednesday is on
Bar Harbor
I don't know who all will *show*, what with Pennsic prep and all, but I'll be home and in a host-y mood. Drop on by!

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I may swing by and return the books Vis lent me. I intend to do that before Pennsic, at least, and its a bonus if I know someone will be home.

What is this "pennsic prep" you speak of? ;)

Idunno, but there seems to be a lot of it going around. Some sort of virus, perhaps?

Uh oh... will I catch it if I come over on Wednesday? *worries*

Not to worry. Other viruses can be caught with exchange of bodily fluids. This one requires exchange of alcoholic fluids in large quantities.

Aha - and I am avoiding alcohol while taking serious painkillers after teeth removal. I should be safe, then.

I think I will need to pass, not because of Pennsic but because I think it will tire me out too much for a "school night". But my heart will be there.

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