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Science Fiction Warped My Brain
Bar Harbor
So I'm reading Ayn Rand's _The Fountainhead_. I keep expecting Howard Roark to discover that he's actually from another planet, and come into his secret heritage. Y'know, like an Alexander Scott Key book. Possibly Dominique Francon as well, and then she can be his girlfriend. I'm pretty sure they *won't*, but it is what years of reading SF has conditioned me to expect when characters keep being referred to by others as "not human".

Incidentally, with all the discussion of architecture and the value (or lack thereof) of tradition, I wonder how Objectivists and Masons tend to get along. I did acquire this book from a Mason who was giving it away...

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Strictly speaking, you acquired it from a Mason's wife, who had never read it and decided she never would :)

potential ancient joke

So if a Mason joined the Marines, would he be a Mason Jarhead?

I recommend the movie too, if you can find it!

I have it. And Alexx, if you wish to discuss the book with anyone, I'm here for you. I can also lend you my favorite of her fiction which is interestingly enough the least-famous, We the People. It's not as heavy-handed as The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged (which I can also lend you.)

Almost certainly a yes on the discussion, once I finish. Whether I want to borrow more depends on my eventual opinion. I wasn't liking it much at the beginning, and parts of her style still annoy me. On the other hand, while going to pick up kestrell this afternoon, I got up to Part 2, Chapter 2, which was *smoking* hot! I knew those two would spark when they eventually met :-)

I've only read "Anthem" which is short, but interesting.

Ooo... Fountainhead book discussion group? Can I play, too?

*grin* Not certain exactly which scene you're describing, but I can think of quite a few which earn that description. Woot.

londo refuses to read the books because he can't stand the style. He's seen a few excerpts, and it's how she writes that turns him off more than anything else. ;)

Oooo. I'd also interested. I'd be delighted to horn in... in August.

In discussion, or in being lent books? :)

If it's a discussion of The Fountainhead, I'm in: I've read that one already. I'm not sure I'm up to reading Atlas Shrugged right at the moment.

Huh. I wouldn't think that this was a story that would film well...

Yup, starring Gary Cooper. It was nice to see a movie that was actually about principles...

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