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Diary update
Bar Harbor
Took yesterday and today as vacation days. Went down to visit rickthefightguy and family on Cape Cod yesterday. It was a low-key day: hanging out, chatting, going out for seafood and ice cream. I love Rick a lot. Although I haven't managed to see him as often as I might like in recent years, we have that rare sort of friendship that always seems to pick up without missing a beat, no matter how long we've been apart.

Rick told me of an interesting-sounding movie that he worked on called "Reign of Blood" (not yet released). It starts out as Hamlet, but after arriving in England (and killing Rozencrantz and Guildenstern), instead of going back home, Hamlet essentially turns into Macbeth, and picks up the plot of that play. It's one of those ideas that might just be crazy enough to work...

On the way down and back, kestrell and I mostly listened to Flash Girls CDs, and sang along with the sillier songs. We both quite like the "lalalalala" song :-)

Today alternated between household chores and general crashing from a very full weekend. Tomorrow, back to work.


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