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Full Saturday
Bar Harbor
Saturday was fun, albeit quite exhausting.

Chatted a bit in the morning with rickthefightguy, who had gotten in the night before, then headed out for Il Palio. As traditional, forgot to pack one important thing, in this case, my boda. Luckily, I had packed a cup for dinner, so I just carried that around all day instead.

I had been planning on taking dad's car to the event, but herooftheage talked me into taking his instead, as he was punting the event, but had Stuff that needed to get there. I have discovered the (or at least a) secret to How To Be Popular in the SCA. Show up with the makings of the dayboard, just slightly later than expected. I've never had so many people express their sincere thanks to see me before :-) I also dropped off Vis' Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium with rufinia. Her reaction: "Holy crap! Is this homework?" Perhaps she hadn't realized that it was three large hard cover volumes...

I ran into cvirtue, metageek, and the twins pretty early on. Spent a while playing with the twins, who had decided that they were a sheep and a dog, respectively. I gather they haven't yet heard of "sheepdogs", so that may prove interesting when it happens.

jdulac introduced me to a couple of ladies who were new to the SCA, one of whom was interested in storytelling. We talked for a bit, and, later, I did some storytelling. Although I am woefully out of practice, I acquitted myself passably well.

There were a few attempts to rope me into the Performance Champion Competition, since apparently there was an extreme dearth of entrants. Given that I'm more than half GAFIAted, I didn't actually *want* to be Baronial Performer. But at the Baron's urging, I agreed to perform out of competition. In the event, there were plenty of entrants, and they didn't end up calling me up. The competition was actually won by cristovau, who sang a lovely song.

In court, I wa most pleased to be able to welcome ladysprite into the Order of the Moon. Also pleased to welcome tpau into Daystar, though somewhat less so, mostly as I feel myself not terribly worthy of that Order any more. I was inducted for my work as Historian shortly after I burned out, and haven't really done anything significant with the post since.

Dinner was extremely yummy. Miscommunication about the format meant that it was effectively rather *late* for the more courteous folk (including myself), but I was certainly quite well fed before I left. I did a small amount of dancing, but it was still quite hot. Did get some more informal storytelling done during dinner. There were a number of more official performances during dinner, as well. The outgoing Court Performer, lakshmi_amman performed one of her story-dances that I hadn't seen before. Then Cristovau sang a bawdy song about a pair of lovers, "Bessie and Jamie". At the climax of the song, he got somewhat upstaged, to much laughter. I explained to the newcomers I was sitting with that the 'couple' who had just prominently walked by were his wife Bess and their good friend Jamie :-) A while later, mermaidlady told the old story with the punchline "Which was most noble?", in Commedia trappings.

By a bit after 9:00, the mosquitos were out in force, and I was feeling pretty wiped out, so I headed home. I had parked near the kitchen (what with having brought the dayboard) and was surprised to see that a tree had fallen quite near the car, bringing down many wires behind it. I was able to 3-point turn out of the space safely, however.

On my way out, I ran into the Salazar family on their way out. Apparently they are quite enjoying Freedom Force vs the Third Reich, which made me happy to hear.

Home, a quck change of clothes, then over to Buttery Birthday, for what proved to be a brief visit. Did get to spend at least a short time chatting with 43duckies and siderea, both of whom I see too infrequently for my taste. rickthefightguy and I got into a long discussion about editing philosophies and modern TV. During this, kestrell showed up and convinced us to go back to Melville Keep with her.

Back home, discussion continued for a while, and drifted onto the topic of the new Battlestar Galactica show, which Rick hadn't seen any of. I had just recently acquired the DVD of the miniseries, and, against my better judgement, started showing it to him. I say "against my better judgement", as I suspected that he might stay up and watch the whole four hours, thus leaving him with *no* sleep before driving Vis to the airport at 5 AM. A short way in, we were interrupted when the doorbell rang. It was new_man and learnedax, who were attempting to lure Rick back to the Buttery Birthday party. This they did not succeed in, but we did hang out on the porch chatting amiably for 15 minutes or so. After that, *I* went to bed, though Rick did not. Not sure how much sleep he eventually got, if any, but he apparently made it to the airport and back without incident.
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It eventually got a bit formalized, and Ira played, too.

Although it involves adults moving, they don't have to move very fast -- one of the prime sanity-checks before teaching a child a new game. (Courtesy of my invention of the game "Hyper Snail" while babysitting in my teens. Good game. Bad idea.)

At any rate, the sheep stay in the corral, running around, until they decide to make a break for it, so they crawl through the fence and run on the outside. The adult sheepdog chases them back in at a leisurely pace, barking meanwhiles. The kids seem to enjoy outrunning the dogs so much that they'll duck back inside the corral so that the adult dogs can't catch them.

Re: Sheep and sheepdog

Hyper Snail? Details, please?

Re: Sheep and sheepdog

Plush snail, maybe 7" x 7" x 2". Snail chases kids around the house, bonks them on the head enthusiastically. It was basically a game of chase.

Her reaction: "Holy crap! Is this homework?" Perhaps she hadn't realized that it was three large hard cover volumes...

That about sums it up. Didn't realize how big a lend I was getting...

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