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Dance gifts
Bar Harbor
I will be making it to Dance Practice tonight, really, for the first time in a month or so. I come bearing gifts.

For rufinia: more Sin City
For juldea: more Invisibles
EDIT: For tpau: transferring to her new_man's copy of Gods and Monsters
For everyone except ladysprite: approximately a pint of fresh Melville Keep strawberries.

Hm, I really should figure out something nice (and non-fatal) to bring forladysprite sometime soon...

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I won't be at dance practice tonight (really need a night at home). Technically it's new_man's Gods & Monsters. I hope you enjoyed it.

is gods and Monsters the movie with Ian Mckellan or am i smoking crack?

Yes, Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, and Lynn Redgrave.

You'll need to ask new_man. It's his DVD.

I'm not going to dance practice either. I'm too busy coughing my lungs up.

But thank you!

Are you well enough for reading? I could possibly drop by after dance practice and leave a care package.

[Alexx hates having his plans thwarted...]

I am well enough for reading, yes. Give me a call 857-540-9076 if you're going to so I'll be somewhere where I can hear the doorbell. Thank you!

Well, it might be pretty late, and you're supposed to be resting. I was figuring on just leaving the comics in your door, so you could read them in the morning.

Or you might want to swing by fighter practice and see if new_man is there, he can give them to mermaidlady who can give them to me at work tomorrow.

I will hopefully be there... for the first time in a while, too!

new_man said i coudl borrow the movie

Doh! No strawberries for me.

(I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea to mail strawberries...)

How long are you gone for? We'll have large crops through roughly the end of June, and still have small ones for the rest of the summer.

Unknown. I hope to be home for good by mid-July.

I probably missed our own meager strawberries, and the peach tree too. Dang. I'd wanted to plant some berry plants too, but maybe next year.

I will be at dance practice this coming week (the 15th), due to an unforeseen arrangement of events.

Well, barring awful weather, there should be strawberries at dance for you.

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