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weekend catch-up
Bar Harbor
Spent Friday at home sick. Decided to spend the remander of the weekend doing not-very-much, in an effort to hopefully finally ditch this on-and-off cold that's been bugging me for weeks. Also, I had this pile of unwatched DVDs calling out to me. Strangely, it was almost exclusively a "horror" theme. I don't think of myself as much of a horror fan, yet I was watching monsters and vampires pretty much all weekend.

On Friday, it was a Frankenstein triple feature. The 1930s "Frankenstein" and "Bride of Frankenstein" directed by James Whale, followed up by "Young Frankenstein". All well worth watching. Though I do agree with the majority position that "Bride" is one of those rare cases of a sequel that improves significantly on the original. Though, interestingly enough, in those pre-television days, there are a number of what would now be called "continuity errors" between the two films. Presumably they figured that no one would notice.

I'd never seen either of the 1930s movies before. There were many bits that were alreadyfamiliar through cultural osmosis, but also much that was completely unexpected. The high point of which was the prologue of Bride, with Lord Byron and the Shelleys. In and of itself, that's only mildly clever -- but it becomes more so when you realize that the actress playing Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley *also* plays the Bride of the Monster. And the entire Dr. Pretorius character was unexpected and wonderful. Now I feel a strong urge to go and see "Gods and Monsters".

"Young Frankenstein" holds up very well. It was cool to be ableto catch a few more specific references to its source material. It really is much more than a simple parody/copy, though, which I think contributes to its lasting appeal. I've seen *that* movie lots of times before, but got around to also watching the special features on this one, which were cool. As is often the case, the deleted scenes largely deserved to be deleted, but the "making of" featurette was both informative and entertaining.

Oh, and speaking of DVD quality, the "Frankenstein" DVD was one of those Asian pirate copies. It didn't have any special features to speak of, and the print wasn't super-high quality, but the actual transfer to DVD was quite good. It did have chapter breaks and english subtitles. All told, if you weren't a cine-phile who liked special features, and you had no particular moral qualms, these guys are offering an attractively-priced no-frills package. As it happens, I *am* a cinephile, and have a few moral qualms, so I feel obliged to go out and buy "legit" copies now. After that, I'll probably put the pirated versions in the "free stuff" box for people to take away.

Saturday, watched Neil Gaiman's "A Short Film About John Bolton". It was OK for a first effort, but not really up to his usual standards, I think. I saw the ending coming from about the 2 minute mark, and it's over a half hour in length. OTOH, it's good value for the Gaiman fan, as it includes as an "extra" the feature-length video of "Live at the Aladdin", a public reading that Neil did to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. That was one of the last videos I ever bought, on the theory that a) it was for a good cause and b) it would never come out on DVD. Since I now *have* it on DVD, the video copy is going into the Free Stuff box.

Intermittently through the weekend, watched a few Monk episodes with kestrell. I'm quite fond of the show at its best, though they do strain my WSOD badly at times. Monk is a very appealing character, for many reasons. I can relate to his personality quirks, while at the same time feeling superior that mine aren't as severe as his. And his unflinching thirst for justice to be done is a wonderful quality, too rarely seen in our cynical age.

Spent most of Sunday watching the first two discs of Angel, Season Three, which I missed most of on TV. I was feeling better enough that this wasn't fully occupying my brain, so I spent much of the time simultaneously playing Fire Emblem on my GameBoy Advance, pausing the DVD if the game got too frenetic, or the game, if the show got too interesting :) High points so far: Wesley and Cordy pretending to be Buffy and Angel; Fred's parents (and the cool monsters in that episode); "Billy". Low points: Darla (I just don't think Julie Benz can act); Gunn having angst over his gang *again*; the extremely traditional cop-out at the end of "Billy".

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Probably "willing suspension of disbelief."

At our house, we have a little card with "disbelief" written on it, suspended from the ceiling by a string. It serves the purpose. It may have been inspired by Alexx himself, years ago. I remember the incident, but not who-all was there.

Alexx, how's this picture icon?

Yes, "Willing Suspension Of Disbelief",

I have a vague memory of that card, but only a vague one.

I was meaning to stop making personal comments on your pictures, but you did ask. You look constipated. Or something. The expression strikes me as... artificial. As if you're posing, rather than just being, if that makes any sense.

For what it's worth, my favorite of your current user pics is the one with the cat on your head :)

Hey, the cat-on-the-head was posed, too.

Yeah, I'm not so pleased with this current one either. Only so much you can do in a mirror. I'll try and get John to take some tonight. I've gotten bored with the ones I have, though, y'see. (Visually oriented person issue.)

I figured, but it didn't *look* posed, it just looked like you being silly -- hardly an uncommon occurrence :) Whereas that other picture had an expression that I don't recall ever seeing on your actual in-person face.

I like the new icon! It reminds me of the wedding present I made for msmemory and jducouer.

It might have been inspired by it -- I made it some 7 years ago for my website.

I like the new icon! It reminds me of the wedding present I made for [info]msmemory and [info]jducouer.

Yes, I'd been thinking much the same thing. (That's still hanging on the closet door in the living room -- actually the only piece of art still in the walls in this room.)

I agree that I like this icon quite a bit...

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