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I Went to Arisia and It Was Good
Bar Harbor
I'm probably going to break this up into a bunch of different posts, with lj-cuts for those who don't care.

Benji had arranged the rooms, as has become traditional. Yay, someone else dealing with Hotel Issues! Kes and I shared a nice large double with Erin. Erin sprained her ankle on her way to the con, but seemed to have a good time despite that.

Managed to get my act together by Friday Afternoon, and arrived in time to meet Kes for dinner. Being poor, and also not wanting to go out into the cold, we scrounged. Hint for those who have access to both the Staff Den and the Green Room: The Green Room has *much* better food. We wouldn't have kept going all weekend without it.

Friday night went to a panel on Forgotten Greats, which was fun, though it didn't tell me much I didn't already know. After that was the Friday night LARP, which will get its own post, and then collapsing into unconsciousness. The "thing I forgot to pack despite putting it on the packing list" *this* year was my teddy bear, which made sleeping somewhat less easy, but I coped.

Saturday I was scheduled to within an inch of my life. Kes and I were going to (or in my case, often *on*) panels all day, and usually different ones. Ferrying her and me to our respective rooms worked, but left little free time. I kept passing friends in the hall, but not having time to talk to them. OTOH, I did enjoy most of the panels a great deal. (Some other panels deserve enough detail they will get yet another post(s?).)

Kes and I had originally scheduled to go to the GoH speech, but didn't. Instead, I took her shopping, as she searched for something "low cut and velvet" for the Secret Don't-Tell-the-Con-Chair Midnight Nowhere Rave. [Digression: the original plan was for a midnight rave, but it got moved up to 9 pm. Our handy research assistant (Vis) looked into the question of where in the world it would be midnight then, and discovered that the answer was actually *nowhere*. There's very little land mass in the +3 time zone, and what there is has declared itself to be part of some other time zone for various political or practical reasons.] She ended up getting a few things that, while not low cut for cleavage, were high cut for leg. It's all good by me :-) While she was looking through the racks at White Hart, I got sucked into the filk section, and ended up getting several Clam Chowder and On The Mark CDs that I had missed.

After dinner, Kes went to the Rave, and I collapsed. I had planned to Do Stuff, but I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, and eventually decided that continuing the attemp was Clearly Wrong. Hence, I slept through the Masquerade.

Woke up about 11:30, and did some shopping on Dealer's Row. Picked up a Robert Sheckley collection, a nostalgia book about arcade games, and a fun looking board game called "Hamlet! A Game in Five Acts". I love the fact that Dealer's Row vendors can set their own hours. I had very little unscheduled time for the "official" Dealers Room, and didn't manage to get to the Art Show at *all* :-(

I did get to see a little of the "rave", mostly notable for the small/tight PVC-and-fishnet outfit Barbara was wearing. Rescued Kes from the Con Suite at ut 12:30, and got to bed a little after 1. Unfortunately, Kes's new pseudo-PDA device somehow got set to chime loudly on the hour. But we were sufficiently tired to get back to sleep fast afterwards (well, I was anyways).

Was pretty zoned this morning. Got food for myself (and later, for Kes and Erin). Blew off all the panels I had intended to attend, but did make it to the one that I was actually *on*. Spent the rest of the morning, early afternoon hanging out in the con suite. When I felt sufficiently over-socialized (thanks for that meme, siderea, I went home. Kes is getting a ride home with Benji sometime later today. Avoiding the T was probably a wise decision on her part, as the generally warmer weather was combining with snow to make for treacherously slushy conditions.

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There's very little land mass in the +3 time zone, and what there is has declared itself to be part of some other time zone for various political or practical reasons.

What a cool factoid. Surely there's a short story or a LARP idea in that, somewhere. Hmm. Must ponder the mystical implications of "the hour that isn't"...

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