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A Welcome Revenant
Bar Harbor
As most of you know, in comic books, nobody dies forever. No matter how thoroughly they get killed, they'll eventually be back, probably within a few years. In fact, to put it in physics terms, I'd say that the half-unlife of a comic book character is about 18 months.

Some characters stay dead longer than others. Sometimes, it's because the story of their deaths had an important impact on another (more important) character: Bucky, Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Pa Kent. Sometimes, they stay dead because no one really much cared about them in the first place: Jason Todd, Jean de Wolfe.

But by far the hardest type of death to come back from is "publishing company went bankrupt, leaving the rights in a tangled mess". For example, Marvel/Miracleman has yet to recover, despite massive critical and popular acclaim, and a best-selling author who wants to revive him.

One such character has just returned from the dead, after a 13-year hiatus. A new issue of Grimjack, by John Ostrander and Tim Truman has just hit the stands. It's an untold tale of John Gaunt's past, showing events that the earlier comics had only alluded to. Those of you who know what that means, go out and buy it now, I'll wait.

For the rest of you, Grimjack was one of the high points of First Comics, a Chicago-based publishing company in the 1980s. It was a mix of about a dozen different genres into a uniquely compelling mixture. Sword and Sorcery meets Noir Detective meets Science Fiction meets Epic Fantasy meets Humorous Bar Fantasy meets Buddy Cop Movie meets Gladiator meets... OK, so it's a little hard to describe. But it was definitely Good Comics, and now it's back. The same publisher (IDW) is also putting out reprint volumes of the First Comics stories, the first of which should be out real soon now. They're a small publisher, and have previously aborted other worthwhile reprint projects due to lack of sales. I'd hate that to happen to the Grinner, so I'm sending out this unsolicited testimonial. Grimjack == Good, go buy now. That is all.

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Nobody dies forever

To which I have to say: X-Men: Death Becomes Them. (you need flash)

Thanks! That was well-done. I'm kinda surprised that he didn't have Colossus in that one. Apparently, just a few years ago, Marvel Editorial laid down an edict that "Dead is DEAD - *permanently*! We mean it!", starting with Colossus' then-recent heroic death. But (about 18 months later), along comes Joss Whedon writing the X-Men, and Joss wants Colossus in the cast, so...

I cant really blame Joss. It occurs to me that my list of childhood media crushes really ought to have included Kitty Pryde :-)

A new issue of Grimjack, by John Ostrander and Tim Truman has just hit the stands

Typing can't reproduce the happy shout of surprise and excitement made when I read this.

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