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Shaun of the Dead
Bar Harbor
Last night, kestrell and I went to MIT to see Shaun of the Dead. The quick description is "romantic comedy -- with zombies". It's either the funniest zombie movie, or the scariest romantic comedy I've seen. Also fairly subversive; it takes the protagonists quite a while to notice the shambling undead, because most people were just shambling through their lives before that. [On the T ride home, there was a profanity-mumbling-drunk who was creepily similar to a zombie...] Would make a decent double feature with Night of the Comet. Thumbs up, if you can handle a fairly large amount of gore.

Also, while we were there, one of the LSC people mentioned to Kes that if she dropped them an email request, they might actually get off their butts about hooking up the wireless headsets with descriptive audio tracks. Apparently this is really simple. It would be way cool, since, to the best of my knowledge, there's currently only one screen in the Boston area that does this (at Fenway).


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