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mini game design rant
Bar Harbor
If the opening cinematic of your game shows the protagonist jumping out of a helicopter that's at least thirty stories up, and managing to make it to the ground without raising a sweat, or suffering a scratch... you should *not* also have gameplay that includes "instant death if the protagonist steps off the edge of a rooftop".

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Oh, well, obviously in the second scenario the roof was thirty-one stories high.

Clearly, there are some scenes which require dramatic licence, like that openning cinematic. After the openning, the licence was revoked, and any fall over six inches requires a five-month stay in hospital.

Or maybe (via Star Wars rpg (d6 version)), the protagonist used his/her last Force Point to survive the fall and has no more available for any further falls.

Come to think of it, it's probably just a writing error.

A failing that X-Men: Legends has. Further, there are clearly places where you just can't go - you hit the 'invisible wall' so commonly exploted.... so the places where you _can_ go throw yourself off a cliff and die exist only to lure unsuspecting players into throwing away a character. Clearly, if you aren't allowed to go that way, they'd be able to stop you...

"...and if you click on *this* innocuous button, your character explodes!"

I hate that school of design.

On the plus side, once I learned to avoid going over anything that looked like a steep drop without saving first, it proved to be a very enoyable game, and the mutant powers are well done.

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