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Weekend round-up
Bar Harbor
Friday night: Watched movies with kestrell. Saw most of Ghost Ship, which was pretty much standard cheesy horror. Also (first time for me) From Dusk Till Dawn, which was pretty cool. Half Quentin Tarantino crime movie, half vampire flick. A strange combination, but it worked. The movie was full of, as Kes put it, "gleefully gratuitous violence". Nice to see Tom Savini in front of the cameras again. He has a marvelously psychotic stare. Also, in this movie, one of the silliest costume accessories Evar. I also *really* liked the final shot of the movie -- a picture worth a thousand words, which in this case added some nifty layers to the backstory.

Saturday, Kes and I Went Out. Spent the afternoon at The Flea. Managed not to spend hideous amounts of money, but did pick up several business cards to tempt ourselves with later. Ran into a variety of friends, though more of hers than mine. It's rather strange to be in a relationship where my partner is so much more popular than I am. Not in a bad way, but it's different. Benji was there with A Date. He seems to have finally found a Nice (but not too nice) Jewish Girl. Kes and I were very Yenta-ish in the background, "Oh, don't they look so cute together!"

In the evening, we went to ladysprite's birthday party. Much fun and silliness ensued. The party was sufficiently well attended that I didn't actually get to interact much with the birthday girl, but she had fun, and we had fun, so it was all good.

One of the reasons that Kes and I work so well as a couple is that we have very similar levels of endurance. Both at the Flea, and later, at the party, we each hit the "time to go now" point within minutes of each other. I expect that we're mature enough to negotiate disagreements about such matters, but it's really pleasant to not have to.

Today, Sunday, I was mildly productive. Got most of my Xmas wrapping done. Still waiting on a few things from Amazon, but everything else is wrapped. Put together a pile of PS2 games to loan the Salazars, since they're getting a PS2 for Xmas. Also went over to mermaidlady's house briefly, to drop off a care package of "assorted entertainment to keep one from going stir crazy", along with wishes for a speedy recovery.

Now, off to get some dinner, then probably more web-browsing, and then bed, hopefully before *too* hideously late.

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Dusk to Dawn, when I saw it, I knew nothing about it. So I didn't belive the vampires at first - thought it was just another hallucination of Tarantino's Character. Then he died... awesome!

There certainly is something special about walking into a vampire movie unawares. The first time I saw Lost Boys, I was channel-surfing, and came in a few minutes into the film. Thought it was a fairly standard "teenage hijinks" film. Until the first vampire attack :-)

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