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Strange brain crossover
Bar Harbor
Hokay, I know that my brain mixes up random stuff to make up my dreams, but some mixes are Just Wrong.

Last night I dreamed that jducouer was leading dance practice -- through a series of alien-monster-infested caves.

"OK, let's take out the initial set of guards with concentrated machine-gun fire."

"Very good, now, starting on the left, two singles and three doubles forward, being careful to avoid the snare-beast."

"Now set-and-turn-single, taking the opportunity to scan for approaching enemies..."

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That's an amusing image. The machine guns are out of place, though. This would be a fine place to substitute the shepherds with flame throwers. Assuming, of course, that the monsters in question were as susceptible to flame damage as they are to kinetic damage.

Your subconscious certainly has his speech patterns down....

That's gonna keep me amused for a good couple hours...

It's sort of scary that I feel like I can picture this perfectly.

I can also hear the Caroso style exhortation for short bursts, but I've been hanging around Geoffery Matthias for too long.

(Deleted comment)
Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure there *was* such an exhortation, I just forgot to transcribe it.

And it makes sense that you can picture it; the setting/imagery was definitely coming from the videogame-junky side of my life :-)

Very nice!

This is the sort of thing which should show up as a skit at a post-revel.

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