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Lengthy diary entry
Bar Harbor
Last Wednesday: Was feeling too low energy to go to dance. ricevermicelli came over to visit herooftheage, and we watched my new DVD of Hitchcock's greatest comedy (IMHO), The Trouble With Harry.

Friday: A reporter from Gamespot spent most of the day at Irrational Games. Their SWAT 4 preview went up today. Later this week, they should have a Freedom Force vs the Third Reich preview, a retrospective feature about System Shock 2, and -- a special announcement I'm not yet allowed to talk about. Speaking of previews, has a good FFvTTR preview up as well.

In the evening was herooftheage's birthday dinner. As has become traditional, he hired richenza to cook a feast that was stunning in both taste and presentation. Also present were Chip and Davey, ricevermicelli, dreda, and rising_moon. At one point during dinner, Vis was trying to convince rising_moon to move in with us. No decision yet, but I think it would be a positive development. Not only is she a fun person in her own right, but if she lived with us, we'd probably see a heck of a lot more of dreda than we currently do :-)

Saturday: Spent most of the day dealing with old disks on my computer desk. Filed the last ~6 monsts worth of random game disks. Also went through approximately 2.5 years of computer magazine demo disks -- which wasn't even the whole pile, but was the majority. Slide in disk, examine contents, install a demo or two off slightly less than half of them. Then played several of the demos, though there are still many I haven't gotten to.

Ended up staying up late playing a very old-school shareware RPG called Geneforge, from Spiderweb Software. I've *wanted* to like their previous games, but was never able to get past the atrocious interfaces. By Geneforge, though, they've managed to upgrade from "atrocious" to "mildly clunky", so the story and gameplay had a chance to shine through. And they definitely caught my interest.

Sunday: Helped kestrell with some homework for her Media Theory class. Did descriptive video for a 1930 French Surrealist film called L'Age D'Or. Curiously, while most commentators see this film as an expression of "passionate love being continually thwarted by society", Kes and I saw it more as being about "the ubiquity of sexual violence". What's sexy for some is scary for others, I guess. Well, some of the scenes were undoubtedly sexy, but generally in a very creepy way...

Monday: Went to Council. Not much happened there. Afterwards, went to meet Kes at her late-night Monday class. Sat in on the last half of a discussion with Margaret Minsky on haptic interfaces, which was pretty cool. Chatted a bit with Minsky and Jenkins after the class about some of the recent usages of haptics in the games industry.

Teusday: As "homework", I was instructed to get a copy of the new "X-Men Legends" game, play it for a while, and share my thoughts with the boss (who is always working on new ideas for ways to move the Freedom Force franchise). Do I have a cool job, or what? :-) The game has many good and bad points, but I'm not going into them in this already-too-long entry.

Wednesday: Met Kes at Dance Practice. Was actually feeling unusually low energy, so didn't dance very much, and we left early. Did get some much-needed socializing and flirting done while I was there, at least.

Tonight: Will do some more XML research, then meet Kes after school.

Saturday: Will probably be coming into work. There's a deadline coming up, and I'm going to miss most of next work week (see below). Then a date with Kes in the evening. Probably Mary Chung's for dinner, then SPider-Man 2, courtesy of LSC.

Sunday: Visit with cvirtue and family, probably in the afternoon some time. Possibly a little "prep for
Deputy Historian" stuff before that...

Wednesday: Leave for New Jersey, for the acceptance ceremony for Kes' RFB&D scholarship. Back some time Friday...

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Not going to Falling Leaves, then? We'll get to see you on Sunday, though, which is keen.

Yes, cool job. :)

I am amused that you think this is a long entry. It's long for you, but it's not intimidatingly long. :)

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