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Who knew geeks were so sexy?
Bar Harbor
Since changing ISPs recently, I've ben subscribed to the newsgroup mit.bboard. It's mostly announcements of people trying to sell their cars and things, but I thought something interesting and local might pop up.

There are two posts today, apparently from different people. I think both are worth sharing:

From: (Geena Gideonse)
Date: 30 Dec 2003 10:12:56 -0800
Subject: IAP Opportunity: Escort Service

Here's something different for IAP: Consider working as a part-time
escorts for Collegiate Escort Service. Collegiate Escorts/Boston,
founded and managed by an MIT alumna, is a professional, safe service
with excellent clientele. Opportunities are available for men and
women. You must be over 18 or have documented parental permission.

For further information, please write to

From: (Aline Xu)
Date: 30 Dec 2003 10:17:26 -0800
Subject: Virgin wanted for MIT adult video

Filming an adult video at MIT during IAP. If you are interested in
appearing, we have two roles available (one male and one female). You
should be:
- 18 or over
- MIT affiliated
- (if female) medically certified virgin
Your virginity will still be intact when filming is complete.
For more info, contact

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They still certify these things?

IIRC, you can't certify that sort of thing. Everyone's, er, terrain is different and can be altered by athletics, menstrual supplies, and other hobbies, even if technically a virgin. Some sort of virgin fetish, clearly.

Well, presumably a sufficiently intact "er, terrain" would count as proof, even if many technical virgins do not actually possess such.

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