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Busy week
Bar Harbor
Not much posting lately, been too busy with life.

Got to dance practice Wed, for the first time in months. Only danced a few dances, as I was worried about my cold relapsing. It doesn't seem to have, thankfully. Flirtes with some Fabulous Babes (tm), and got to chat some with friends who I hadn't seen in a while. Quote of the evening: "Thundercats should not wear lingerie!"

Thursday kestrell and I meant to go to a ship-party sponsored by my employers. Sadly, the directions we had were written by a Boston native, so we eventually gave up and went home.

Friday evening, we watched Kes' new DVD of Gattaca. One of the very few movies I've sen that were actually science fiction, as opposed to sci-fi. Certainly Hugo-worthy (it was beaten out that year by Contact). Kes especially appreciated Jude Law's voice, so she is now more interested in going to see Sky Captain. Apparently, Jude Law will also be in the upcoming Series of Unfortunate Events film, as the voice of Lemony Snicket.

Saturday, I went to pick up comics. Thankfully, last month's huge stack of expensive stuff *was* an anomaly, so I broke neither my back nor my bank. Then I went into work for a few hours. There's a script deadline coming up Wednesday, and meeting it will be a bit tight. It would have been less of an issue if Ken had actually started writing his first drafts two months ago like he was supposed to, rather than leaving it until the last week or so. Sigh. Came home once my brain was used up and played computer games until Too Late (but not Far Too Late).

Today, I spent the morning going through not one but two months worth of Diamond's Previews catalogs. Sturgeon's Law is certainly still out in force. There are still enough diamonds in the rough to make it worth doing, but it's still a chore. Spending this evening catching up on email and web stuff. More anon...

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Re: Definitions/mutation

Ok, I can understand you & Justin's POV, I think.

However, my approach to this is colored by my previous history of the word usually meaning "provably false myths."

I'll retire from that argument, now.

How about another one, since we're sort of on the topic?

What definition of SF, sci-fi, or what-ever-you-want-to-call-it includes horror stories not set in the future? I got really grumpy when LOCUS took that genre under their wing ( monthly review sections, etc.(this some 10 years ago)) It doesn't seem related at all, to me.

Re: Definitions/mutation

"speculative fiction" includes horror stories that have fantasy and/or supernatural elements (which is a strong majority of them). It does not (IMHO) include things like, say, Psycho. Mileage varies.

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