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Weekend movies
Bar Harbor
Spent most of the first half of the weekend lazing around watching movies. [heavy-duty relaxation in an attempt to finally shake my Worldcon cold -- unsuccessfully :-( ] Saw two that I had not previously seen, both featuring Brian Cox as an antagonist, oddly enough.

X2 was -- an odd experience. I enjoyed seeing characters I once loved being well portrayed. There were lots of good in-jokey moments. But there were so many characters and plot threads that I honestly got lost at times. On the other hand, it made more coherent sense than almost any similar-sized run of the X-Men comic book...

The Ring was f-ing creepy! I don't watch a lot of horror, and I like even less, but this was a very well-made horror film. There are apparently heated debates over whether this version is better or worse than the Japanese film that it's a remake of. Regardless, this one is very successful in its own right. Large sections make no logical sense, but, in the sub-genre of "surrealist horror", that's not a big weakness. And the ending was nicely surprising -- not in a "Sixth Sense" sort of way, where you reinterpret the whole film based on the last few minutes, but just a final creepy twist that, while unexpected, was exactly right. Recommended to people who don't get nightmares too easily.


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