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Sin City movie
Bar Harbor
I had heard vaguely about there being a movie based on Frank Miller's "Sin City" comics in the work, but I paid it little mind. After all, most such movies don't actually reach completion, and most that do get finished, suck. But I just saw some pictures from it on another forum.


I don't know if the final product will actually *work*, but my god, they sure are trying something *different* with this one. It actually looks like the comic book, only with less scratchy rendering :-) Right down to the color scheme...

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Interesting. There seems to be a trend here, of taking interesting comics on their own terms.

These shots remind me of the Hellboy movie, and the way it made a fairly serious attempt to capture the tone and aesthetic of Hellboy on film. That wasn't a *complete* success, but it was closer than I'd thought possible, so Sin City might manage likewise. The pictures bode well...

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