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WorldCon, part 5 -- Sunday panels, etc.
Bar Harbor
Relatively short day. Dropped Kes off at Cory Doctorow's talk Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books, then went to deal with hotel checkout stuff. Checkout itself was trivial, but did still have to deal with baggage check. Got back in time to hear the end of the talk. Cory is a decent fiction author, but I think his real genius is as a polemicist. He has a strong grasp of rhetoric to keep things interesting, but uses it always in service of clarity, and backs up his arguments with convincing facts. After the talk, Kes and I went right down to the info desk to sign up for a kaffeeklatch with him on Monday.

Oh, and I forgot, at some point, Kes got both Cory and Charles Stross to autograph a cheesy tourist lobster toy she picked up in the mall. It now occupies a space of honor in the 'geek-o-sphere' around her computer. [If you don't know why a lobster, go read this now.]

At noon, we went to "Hell is Gray: The Banality of Evil". Actually was a fairly banal panel. I was beginning to suffer seriously from my cold, and the rest of the afternoon's panels looked only so-so, so Kes and I decided to go home and crash, so that we could get back in time for the (cooler) stuff on Monday. While picking up our luggage in the lobby, we passed Cory and Charles Stross comparing schedules to see when they could have some time to talk with each other :-)

I crashed. kestrell was so inspired by getting to talk with Cory a bit more that she sat down at her computer and wrote out the first draft of her "eBook Manifesto". My sweet little revolutionary :-)


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