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Nasty Great Pointy Teeth
Bar Harbor
I don't condone this sort of behavior. But the hack value is so great, I nonetheless have to share this:
In Asheron's Call 1, if you were really careful you could whack a rabbit and not kill it on the first shot. Rabbits very rarely did any damage at all when they hit you, especially if you were mid-level. So, we'd run into the newbie zone and thump a couple of rabbits who would then spend the rest of the day trying to bite our toes off.

Interestingly, monsters seem to level up in that game. After a while I noticed that Mr Rabbit and friends were starting to wear down my HP pretty good. I don't know what level the rabbits had gotten up to, but I told one of the other guys to keep an eye on them while I logged off and back on to break the aggro. Now we had a docile crowd high-level rabbits standing there in the newbie zone.

So, we stand around for a while, and a newb comes over and thumps one of our rabbits. The rabbit 1-shotted him. Aaaa! Thump, dead newb. His reply was along the lines of "OMFGWTF?!" so this became our daily sport... leaving packs of killer rabbits sitting around. We referred to it as "Wabbit Wanching". Eventually we mastered the art of having like 10 rabbits chewing on each of us as we had a "cattle drive" from one area of the map to another, picking up more rabbits along the way.

Needless to say, endless hours of entertainment were had from dropping a full herd of these insane eaters of the newb flesh around the starter towns.

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....that is awesome.

I just *love* emergent behaviour...

If you write it, they will hack it.

I think this is why I'm glad D&D3E has provisions for *maximum* levels/HD for advancing monsters. Though I've been known to completely ignore these when necessary. ;-)

I'm cathcing up on my friends' page in a small window while sitting through a training class and I really had to work not laugh out loud.

Very funny. You're a bad man.

Kill the Wabbit ...

Cue up the Wagner! Hoyotoho!

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