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Academic politics
Bar Harbor
A while ago, I was helping kestrell look through the packet of fliers advertising student activities that gets sent to incoming MIT students. It was notable that a majority of activities on campus had at least two separate clubs. There were relatively few 'singletons', and a few with three or more. I infer from this that a majority of MIT student activities have gone through at least one political shcism.

I have heard it said that the reason politics in academia are so vicious is that the actual power at stake is so low. I guess that this inverse relationship continues below the faculty level as well.

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You can't get much lower status, on campus, than being a student.

However, I'm not sure it's entirely that. A student organization probably doesn't have any strong reason to stay together if there is a big difference of opinion; the school holds the money, which would otherwise be a powerful force, and even the most dedicated person is only going to be at the school and in the club for a few years.

Finding out why the schisms would make an interesting sociology project, though.

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