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Christmas roundup
Bar Harbor
Weirdly mixed Christmas this year. Kes and I were both getting over colds this year, so we didn't make it through a full reading of _A Kes-Mas Carol_ on the Eve. Kes has pointed out, though, that there are 12 days of Christmas, so I still have time in which to get my full dose of Xmas Ham :-)

Loot included: A book of Cerebus covers, a rare Fredric Brown collection, a nifty-looking co-op time-travel board game, and more. Loot I gave seemed well-appreciated, especially the zombie dog toy for Kestrell's Wolluf, and a Squirrel Girl travel mug for Andrea.

Dinner was good. Mostly conversed with the younger Salazars and April. Got to see Andy for the first time in ages, and meet his Anandi; she assures me that she is fun even when she *isn't* hilariously drunk :-)

Helping clean up from dinner, I discovered that the dishwasher is semi-broken. Not enough to take it out entirely, but it's running at reduced capacity, and will need repair.

Woke up this morning with super-scratchy throat, fever, and sniffles. So, rather than trying out new board game, went back to bed :-( Very much hoping I can recover enough to get to the folk-tale event Thursday night.

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It was cool to get to talk about Oz with you; I don't remember its coming up much before now.

I'm starting to enjoy Oz Squad after the initial couple of issues, where I was inclined to dismiss it as nothing but slyness and grimdark. There seems to be something to it, now. Am suspending judgment till I finish.

Sometime when Kes isn't around to hear them for the Nth time, ask me to tell you stories from the Oz LARP I co-wrote.

The opening arc of Oz Squad is (imo) by far the weakest part.

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Sorry to hear about your cold, but honestly, it's a regular curse on the Melville Keep Xmas: Always someone--you, Kes, or The Landlord and Landlady--has a bad cold and soldiers on regardless. Let's hope the curse doesn't spread further, and that you feel better soon.

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