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Dramatic Irony Dept.
Bar Harbor
Arriving at the hospital for a rabies shot due to bat exposure, at the very front door of the hospital, I catch a Zubat Pokemon :-)

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you got bit by a bat???

I don't *think* I got bit, but the latest guidelines are that if you're not 100% sure, and there was a bat in your room, you get shots.

If you finish counting, do you feel the need to exclaim Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

That test has fine diagnostic sensitivity, but lousy specificity: I mean, really: who doesn't?

Few people our age, I am sure!

Yeah, unfortunately bat bites are often so tiny that people don't know they were bit until it's too late. Bats are a very common way for people to get rabies for that reason, so the guidelines err on the side of, possibly unnecessary vaccines v. death. The official guidelines we get taught in vet school is that unless a bat is found by an awake, unimpaired, competent adult it is considered a rabies exposure. Kudos to your doctor though, since I've run into a number of human physicians who were not aware of this.

Actually, it was a Facebook friend who linked me an article on the subject, knowing my history of bats in the bedroom.

Hope the bat exposure comes to nothing much. Also, :)

was he at least as cute as a zubat?

The one in my room? Honestly, cuter :-)

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