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State of the Alexx
Bar Harbor
It’s been a while since I wrote anything of substance here, or indeed, at all. Been a low-spoons kind of winter. I hope spring will improve things.

Chronic pain is chronic. My right arm hasn’t been bothering me much, but only because I’ve been so limited in activity by the pain in my LEFT arm. Saw my orthopedist recently, and got a referral to start a new round of physical therapy. That starts Monday.

Down to about nine hours of “productivity” per week. I put that in scare quotes, because a great deal of that time lately has been devoted to XCOM 2. (Which, by the way, I recommend highly to fans of difficult, immersive strategy gaming.)

Haven’t been able to see my mental therapist since early February, due to computer upgrade chaos at Codman Square. But that seems to finally be ending, and I have appointments scheduled in a few weeks. My low energy lately has led to depression the spikes, and not having a therapist to vent at has been trying.

The legal side of things is a classic case of good news, bad news. I finally have a court date for my appeal to the Social Security Disability Determination people (mid-April). On the flipside, I’m starting the whole disability determination process all over again with Mass Health. And I have every expectation that that, too, will end up being denied and having to be appealed. I expect that, like the Social Security people, Mass Health do not have a ticky-box anywhere in their paperwork for “capable of working, but only for a few hours per week”.

Intermittently doing work on the Providence annotations. I have also been reading Providence to Kestrell. I like sharing stories with people who understand their intertextuality.
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I'm sorry you're still dealing with so many difficulties, but the update is appreciated.

As usual, I've been wondering how you've been, what the pain levels have been like, that sort of thing, but don't know what to say, so I appreciate your offering this.

Things sound frustrating. Quite apart from anything else I'm sorry to hear that you've had to spend so much time in bureaucratic limbo. I hope spring improves, too.

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