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Accidental Art
Bar Harbor
I have often remarked that much of modern sculpture is indistinguishable from piles of leftover construction materials. Saw an interesting converse last night: a pile of construction materials that was accidentally quite beautiful. They're demolishing some parts of my local T station, in order to replace them with better. Some of the old stuff is concrete, with long metal bars reinforcing. Apparently, the metal bar part of the equation is rather hard to deal with in demolition. On my way home, I saw, on the other side of the construction fence, a... tangle, about five feet high, and maybe eight feet wide. Metal bars, twisted and bent like vines, intertwined crazily, and with the occasional lump of cement puntuating their lengths. It was like some sort of alien/cyborg tumbleweed. Eerily beautiful. And gone by this morning, of course. Random beauty of this sort is usually ephemeral.


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