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Well, THAT was a different cooking experience
Bar Harbor
One of the foods I like to eat frequently is Campbell’s chunky soup (various flavors). Part of why I like it is that it’s dead simple to prepare. Put it in a bowl, cover the bowl with wax paper so as not to spill, microwave for three minutes, eat. The soup being somewhat thick, and the heating happening very quickly, sometimes odd pockets of pressure build up, and I will hear a BANG noise from the microwave. I’m used to it, it doesn’t mean anything other than perhaps a minor spill.

Just now, however, I heard a much louder bang than normal. I quickly got up to stop the microwave. Opening it up, I discovered that the bowl had managed to overturn itself!

Oh well, the microwave was due for cleaning anyway…
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(Deleted comment)
In the future, try heating more minutes on lower power. And the cover is a good idea--makes the heating more even.

You have *got* to stop using bowls made out of black powder.

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