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Eric Flint's early work in porn?
Bar Harbor
Any Eric Flint fans among my Friends? I've just come across a pornographic SF novel from approximately the late 1980s, credited to one "Fred Sparkrock". The last name is semantically equivalent to Flint, and the first names each have four letters. It's not a slamdunk, but it is highly suggestive. Flint's first published work wasn't until 1993 (and nothing else until his first novel in 1997). A presumably starving writer might feel proud enough of having a book published at all to not hide his true name very securely.

Whoever wrote it is quite familiar with SF tropes, and even SF fandom, as evidenced by the repeated references to a character named Yngvi, who is clearly a louse. If any of you have read a bunch of Flint, and are interested in reading this to see if there are any typical markers of his style, I'd be happy to get you a copy.

I haven't finished reading it myself yet. It's certainly no great classic in either of its genres, but the mix is intriguing enough to keep me reading…
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Have you considered asking him?

It seems... impolite? I don't really want to make him confirm or deny something which is probably embarrassing whether or not it's true. It's just idle curiosity on my part, not investigative journalism.

Fred Sparkrock is also a takeoff on Fred Flintstone.

Excellent point. My guess that it's Eric Flint is on (so far) very weak evidence.

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