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"Old Glory"
Bar Harbor
Just saw a very curious Warner Brothers cartoon: "Old Glory" from 1939.  It's not humor, it's patriotic history propaganda.  And it's very interesting what gets covered and what doesn't in its 9-minute running time.  They devote a good deal of footage to Paul Revere's ride, but never make any mention of "British", just calling out "To arms!"  The entire Revolutionary War passes without any direct mention or depiction of the Britsh.  We then pass on to the colonial period, with, as usual, the middle of the continent described as "undiscovered", and no depiction of the natives.  There <i>is</i> a mention of difficult "marches" -- that the settlers went through!  Almost the last bit is Lincoln quoting a bit of the Gettysburg Address.  Naturally, there is no context, no mention of a Civil War, and certainly no allusion to slavery.  Very much an artifact of its time...