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Capsule film reviews
Bar Harbor
Bowfinger (1999), Steve Martin, Eddie Murray. Another in the micro-genre of “Movies about making movies, and the beautiful lies that are Hollywood”. On a cynicism scale where The Wizard of Speed and Time is a 1, and The Player is a 10, I’d put this at about a 3. Lots of fun, with a happy ending that is ludicrous in the very best way.

A Field in England (2013). Rival alchemists search for treasure during the English Civil War. Only that’s not really a useful description. As Kestrell put it, “It’s like Waiting for Godot, as if Ken Russell had directed it.” I can’t really *recommend* it, but it makes me happy that such strange concoctions can exist.

The Eclipse (2009). Set at an Irish literary convention, this movie is mostly a slow, melancholy story about various ways of coping with loss. Except for the occasional extreme jump scare with zombie-like ghosts. An odd admixture, but it worked.