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Dream snippet
Bar Harbor
I was in a Hogwarts-ian setting, only not so much 'magic' as 'weird'. I wasn't the Potter-equivalent, siderea was. Now in her third year, the administration had stopped trying to get her to do structured classes, as her self-directed study habits were keeping her well ahead of the curve, despite being frequently interrupted by adventures.

Hanging out in the dining hall with some other students, I and some friends were going through our piles of textbooks for the year. There was a large bee lurking nearby. Kind of scarily large, several inches long, though that wasn't remotely as large and scary as the hyperintelligent giant bees that siderea had defeated in her first year. But while we were distracted in conversation, somehow the bee managed to get a bunch of books into a discarded cardboard box, and start moving it down the hall.

I managed to upend the box, temporarily stopping the bee's theft. and then went and alerted siderea. At first she was annoyed at the seemingly-pointless interruption, but a quick examination of one of the history books the bee was trying to steal showed that the text on the page was changing as we watched. Clearly this was just the first(?) move in the Queen Bee's Time War!

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...Fucking revisionists. I thought I had/will have had/aming taken care of this.

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