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Bar Harbor
Tomorrow, I go in to get a neck injection that may help with my chronic pain issues. But in the biting irony department, for 48 hours beforehand, I have to stop taking ibuprofen. Last night did not feature much actual sleep. And what sleep I did get was punctuated by dream featuring such restful topics as "wandering around awake because I couldn't sleep from pain" and "watching really bad Star Wars sequels". It's gonna be a looooong weekend, and not in the good way.

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sorry to hear that. Have been through some of the same things with herniated discs. Hope this brings some relief.

Ow. That's just overly painful irony right there.

Well, that sounds crappy. The "watching really bad Star Wars sequels" dream is adding insult, as it were, to injury. I hope it'll be better by this time tomorrow.

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