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Testing full circle
Bar Harbor
I've been playing tons of the new Sentinels of the Multiverse app. I've also, being me, been making lots of suggestions / bug reports on their forums. I have made myself sufficiently annoying/useful that they've invited me into their beta, so I can give more immediate feedback :-)

It occurs to me that my very first toe-dipping into the games industry was an unpaid gig as a beta tester for an early computer version of Magic: the Gathering. You can take the boy out of QA, but you can't take the QA out of the boy :-)

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Oh, did you beta test Shandalar? I didn't know that.

Yep. Not very much, but I was there.

Heh! It does seem like a particular mindset that is hard to put down. wispfox routinely finds bugs in everything she or not...

Let me just say thank you-- I look forward to that app being better...

You're welcome! The current beta already fixes a bunch of niggling UI stuff. Lots left *to* improve, but they seem eager to do so.

That's good to hear-- the UI issues, stability and speed (on my iPad 2, at least, the app is slow and prone to crashing; I was willing to accept that from XCom, with its AI processing and graphics ported from Unreal Engine, but SotM shouldn't have any of those issues to contend with...)

I am also on an iPad 2, which is very much minimum spec. I do suspect some memory leakage, as the speed (for me) gets progressively worse over time, but they are doing what they can to improve it. The frequent crashes *would* be a deal-breaker for me if they hadn't done such a good job on "Continue Game". On average, a crash costs me about 1 minute; I don't *want* to lose that minute, but I've seen much worse.

That's a decent summary of my experience, yes. It's still worth playing, but the slowdowns and crashes are annoying.

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