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Sometimes the cards tell a story
Bar Harbor
So I was just playing a game of the new electronic version of Sentinels of the Multiverse. Fanatic, Bunker, and Absolute Zero, versus Advanced Omnitron in Insula Primalis. This was *not* a fortuitous group of heroes in the circumstances, but the game had an amusing aspect.

Round 1: Bunker plays Adhesive Foam Grenade, preventing the Environment from playing cards this round.

Round 2: Bunker plays another AFG.

Round 3: Bunker plays a *third* AFG (he wasn't drawing anything more useful).

Round 4: Bunker is out of AFGs, so maybe now some of the lush, primeval wildlife will come out? Fanatic plays End of Days, which, at the beginning of the Environment turn, pretty much destroys *everything*. The environment does get to play a card at long last, though: Obsidian Field. So much for lush wildlife.

Round 5: Environment plays a second Obsidian Field.

Round 6: Environment plays River of Lava. Apparently, this movement is considered a provocation; Omnitron immediately responds by playing Terraforming, which destroys all Environment cards. We don't live to see the next Environment draw.

Moral of the story: superhero battles are really bad for the environment :-)

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I recently had my biggest blowout win ever in SotM online.

It was Legacy, Bunker and Tachyon vs. Voss. Tacky started with a couple of her everyone gets a card cards so all the heroes started with plus-sized hands. Bunker got Ammo Drop in his starting hand, followed immediately by all of his weapon upgrades and turret mode. Legacy had his secondary +1 to all boost in his opener as well.

None of Voss' initial minions were tough and they were all wiped out almost immediately (giving Bunker 3 more cards). Then Voss drew Forced deployment, so we repeated it. Stunningly though, Voss's first three draws were all three of his Forced Deployment cards. Meaning by the end of the third round, Bunker had all of his weapon upgrades in play, something like 15 cards in his hand to power the Omni-cannon and +3 to all his damage.

Add in Tachyon alternately removing negative Environment cards or preventing villain cards from doing damage, and the occasional smack from Legacy and fight was over very quickly. It was a truly comic example of what happens when the heroes get all the right cards in their opening hands.

Well that, *and* the villain getting all the wrong cards.

In a counter-example, I recently had a game against (Advanced) Baron Blade, in which the top four cards of his deck were 2 Orbital Defense Platforms and 2 Hasten Dooms. I got hit with the moon for the first time ever. Kudos to the game artists, the end-game screen actually showed the moon descending :-)

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