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Dance Practice
Bar Harbor
Had a decent dance practice last night. Very middle-of-the-road.

Saw learnedax and tpau briefly, but they both mysteriously vanished before break. They *did* both (independently) ask about the party on Sunday, though, so perhaps I'll see them there.

Had much silliness with rufinia. She was mad at me for not bringing back any special beer from my Chicago trip. I worked my way partially back into her good graces by means of backrubs and an emergency book-loan (yet another good reason to always carry an extra book on one's person!)

Danced Jenny Pluck Pears with bess -- and Ira. It was interesting, though it did definitely cramp my flirting style :-) Nice to see that he's starting to be willing/able to dance with non-parents.

juldea showed up late, but I got to dance with her, yay! Also glad that I hadn't brought a pile of Sandman books there in vain. Chatted with her for a while afterwards. She mentioned a very interesting-sounding web site, Apparently a combo of tech support and phone sex. Definitely an idea whose time has come! Must remember to refer kestrell to them. Or at least to their cafepress store. T-shirts and mugs that say "I'm Smarter Than You", and shirts that say "I Give Good Tech". all in pink. My favorite, though, has to be the shirt that says, in large pink letters, "What a shame", and in smaller black type underneath, "If you were smarter, we'd probably be fucking by now."

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The askthetechgirl is being lampooned in Something Positive ( Very non-PC web comic.

disregard previous...

tpau has a nasty cold, and I was told that's why they disappeared.

I'm planning to come on Sunday, maybe with ailanah (whose LJ name doesn't match her AIM handle, leaving me easily confused).

*sigh* The one night I'm too sick to go to dance practice, and you're finally there. I've been trying to give you back your books for weeks now.

At this rate, I should probably just put them in my Wedding Emergency Kit, in the vain hope that I might see you there....

Well, if I'm invited, that significantly ups the odds that I'll be there :-) What's the date?

Apropos, I recently brought some books to a wedding in *Chicago* in order to loan them to mermaidlady, who lives within (long) walking distance of my house, on account of that was the next time I would see her. Well, I admit to being somewhat influenced by the comedic value, as well :-)

Oh, and by the way.....

Please forgive my asking, and you don't need to answer if you don't want to, and I know it's rude of me to ask and I shouldn't be doing this and I'm sorry and I shouldn't be nosy and all that and I'm sorry, but -

party Sunday? What sort and what for, if you don't mind? I'm not trying to invite myself, just curious.

And I apologize for being so pushy and rude, and if you don't want to tell me, that's okay....

A fairly laid-back Melville-Keep-y sort of party. In honor of the Fourth, sort-of, but also in honor of "we feel like having a party" with no particular further justification :-) You and your sweetie are always welcome; if I'd seen you in the last month I would have explicitly invited you.

If you are of the peculiar opinion that there's a time when I wouldn't want another beautiful lady to be here, please disabuse yourself of that idea. Anytime you hear that there is a party here (as opposed to a "dinner", which we do have guest lists for) please consider yourself invited.

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