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"Charlie at the N.S.F."
Bar Harbor
Also in dad's papers was a yearbook from a sort of summer school he went to in between HS and college. The 1960 National Science Foundation Institute for Secondary School Summer Science Training at Cornell University. There isn't really anything in there specific to dad, but I did find one thing that I think will be of interest to my Boston friends -- a student filk of "Charlie on the M.T.A."

Lyrics by "The N.S.F." To the tune of
Craig Smith and Howie Ellis the "M.T.A."

People of America - Students of Cornell!
Throughout the course of this nation's history, we have been known to have the finest educational standards in the world.
In these trying times, these same superior standards are being questioned.
The National Science Foundation, better known as the N.S.F., is trying to remedy this situation by giving the young adults of America the chance to pursue their studies at an institute of higher learning. This is the story of such a boy., hear me out. This could happen to you---

1. Let me tell you the story of a boy named Charlie
Who liked his Math and Chemistry
He thought that he would spend his whole dam summer up at
Cornell University.
Oh, the poor boy learned, oh, the poor boy learned,
He learned the hard way, too,
He learned that college ain't all peaches and cream,
1st ending: It’s physics, math, and zo -- no!
2nd ending: It’s physics, math, and zoo. (As in animals)

2. College life seemed swell those first few hours
Charlie thought he'd have lots of fun
But the damn professor gave him so much homework
He was up till half past one.
verse with first ending

3. This is only the beginning of a very sad story
Charlie still thought he would have some fun
He dreamed of capturing some pretty little girl
But there were three boys to every one.
verse with 3rd ending: There ain't enough girls for you

4. Every morning he would rise up at half past seven
And crawl up the hill to Straight
Then he'd down a breakfast of donuts and coffee
The coffee to keep him awake,
verse with first ending

5. In his morning class he would struggle sleepily
And soon be left behind
If he went to sleep, little visions of ions
Would run around through his mind,
verse with 4th ending: It's electron orbits, too

6. At noon he would rush to Sage for dinner,
But his hunger would soon abate
With tuna fish hot dogs and ginger ale jello
He would soon be off to Straight.
0h, the poor boy learned, oh, the poor boy learned,
That the food up here is hell
After two or three meals at the Sage Hall diner
He didn't feel so well,

7. If he met up with a girl and was extremely lucky
And her boyfriend didn't mind,
He would get some culture at the local movie
Of a new and different kind,
verse with 3rd ending

8. Now we bring to a close this very sad story,
And we hope you'll heedd us too,
Just remember this isn’t 'bout a boy named Charlie,
It’s about every one of you.
verse, with first ending plus:
(slowly) and math with Professor Agnew,
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