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Russ at the end of high school
Bar Harbor
In dad's papers was a high school literary magazine from his senior year, containing a poem by him. I presume it was written in reaction to Orwell's _1984_.

Russell Kay

Retreating man, slovenly, overtossed,
go back, fall back
run back, crawl back,
face facts, poor boy--you’re beaten, you've lost.

You’re joined by your friends, slovenly, beat.
where are you going?
your group now is growing
bigger and bigger, yet run from the heat

Your group now the state, slovenly, simpering;
your cause: light.
your course: fright.
don't try to fight it, you’re dead now and whimpering.

You're running, humanity, fly for your life.
you’re braggards
yet laggards;
I fousht you, I beat you, you’ve lost in the strife.

So thus be it always, the victor shall vanquish;
but ever
a sign from on high:
the winner lives on, the loser shall die
when I step on a bug it goes squish.
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