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The death of words
Bar Harbor
kestrell, teenybuffalo, and I visited gyzki today, on his not-quite-deathbed-yet. It was both good and bad. He's still recognizably himself, but he's fading. It is a bitter irony for such a great storyteller to lose control of language in his waning days.

If you knew him well in better days, please visit him if you can. He's still happy to have (and capable of recognizing) visitors, but you'll need to supply most of the talking yourself. More details may be found in C.'s post here.

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I don't appear to be on the right feed to get the details. I would like to visit if that is considered appropriate by his family -- he was my skald for a time, after all.

I also would like to visit him, and I have had no idea this was happening.

I am so far out of the information channels; I had no idea. How sad for him and family.

I had no idea. I am so very sorry to hear this.

(Deleted comment)
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