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Dream fragment: The Horse
Bar Harbor
In my dreams, I often am still living in Worcester, hanging around downtown and attending Worcester Academy. Except they’re not quite the same as the real places I grew up in, and they have a continuity all their own. For instance, I’m pretty sure I never saw The Horse in waking life.

If The Horse has a proper name, I don’t know it. I presume he lives somewhere near downtown, and escapes and wanders off from time to time. He’s a large black stallion – mostly. Sometimes he is partially or completely purple. Perhaps there is some sort of dye factory within his range of wandering?

On the rare occasions I’ve been close to him, The Horse has been docile and friendly. I once tried to track down his owner when he turned up actually at my house (rather far from his normal spaces). He followed me downtown, but once he was back on familiar ground, he took off again.

This all by way of prologue. The *really* notable thing about The Horse is not his color or his independence, but his acrobaticness. He likes to wander up walls and over rooftops. Perhaps he is part mountain-goat? You don’t see him by looking around; you have to be looking *up*. Or perhaps you will see him poking his nose in an open window, despite that window being three stories up.

He goes places that seem impossible for any non-bird to get to. His jumping ability is astounding. I’ve never seen him flub a landing. The closest was once when he jumped down to street level from the roof of a seven-story hospital. There were a few feet of snow on the ground, but even with that cushion, a drop of that length seemed to stun him for a moment or two. Only briefly, though; he didn’t fall over, and was moving again in a moment as though nothing unusual had happened.