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I love working for myself
Bar Harbor
So, I read an article today about the ingrained sexism in the games industry. As I often do, I shared it on FB.

Then I realized that I didn't just have to stop there. I went into our game design wiki and added a page on Diversity. I didn't have to wait for Corporate or Marketing approval, I just *did* it.

*Wow*, that feels good!

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"Our"? You have co-conspirators?

Well, one. But a critical one. A highly trusted and esteemed (by me at least) programmer I met at Irrational, named Shane Mathews. Years ago, while working tightly together on a sub-project, I told him "If you ever start your own game company, I want in." The actual path we took ended up rather more circuitous, but happily it has finally brought about essentially that situation.

Sweet! More power to you both.

Yeah, what she said. Coolness.

You guys need matching hats? Cause I can't do much to support you, but I *can* do that!

Shane sez: "ha! I would absolutely accept a hat. I'm not much of a medieval fan, but something more Mad-Men or Adventure themed would work great for me."

Show him your Xmas hat....

Welcome to the club. It's very liberating to have the power to live your ideals without having to justify them to anyone. (Although sometimes the decisions aren't quite that easy -- I still often wonder whether I am insane, trying to keep to a no-patents policy for Querki...)

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