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(re-)Crossing the Rubicon
Bar Harbor
After years of dissatisfaction in the corporate world, followed by months of depressed unemployment, I've decide to take the plunge. I'm going indie, all-in, succeed or bankrupt.

On the cusp of that decision, I went to my local comic-book store (Outer Limits) for the first time in several months. I saw there an omnibus collection of Stray Bullets prominently displayed. This was one of my favorite indie crime titles from the 90s, but no new material had seen print in the last 9 years. The creator, David Lapham, seemed to have been seduced by the corporate side of the force, and had produced no self-owned work in ages.

I start talking about it to Steve, and discover that this collection actually heralds *new* material. In fact, there's not one, but *two* brand-new issues on the shelves. And they're great; Lapham has slipped back into the form like he was never away at all.

It's an omen. Now is the time to do My Own Art.

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More power to you!

I'll be interested as and when you can share your endeavors.

One of the good things about being indie is that I have no NDA holding me back! It'll probably be a while before I write stuff here, but feel free to ask me in person any time :-)

Good luck to you!

I look forward to hearing about awesome creator-owned products coming down the pipeline in the future. :)

Go for it! Pulling for you.

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