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Dad's Memorial
Bar Harbor
Dad's memorial service was yesterday, and it was lovely.

The trip *to* the memorial was rather terrifying, but we took it slow and no actual accidents ensued. I have rarely seen such large clumps of snow falling at once. It was almost like being pelted with snowballs. Kes brought up the term "Snow Goon weather". Sadly, the weather prevented pretty much all of my friends (that weren't in my car) from attending. Sad, but I certainly can't fault the sense of it!

We ended up arriving a bit late, but in time for me to deliver my eulogy (which I will post shortly after posting this). Many members of the church spoke as well, attesting to how much Russ loved and was loved. Rev. Aaron Payson, a long-time friend of dad's, did a wonderful job with the service.

Naturally, there was much music. Some highlights included the whole congregation singing "We Shall Overcome" (lots of us through tears), Loudon Wainright III's frankly devastating "Homeless", and (what turned out to be Kestrell's favorite version of) "Stand By Me".

I'm happy to report that there was a fair amount of laughter mixed in, appropriate to dad's memory.

Afterwards, I spoke with many of dad's friends, and his sister Kay. I also was given a huge pile of dad's papers and photos, that even a brief examination show to contain much of interest. I'll probably be posting bits from that as I go through carefully over the next few weeks.

The trip home was much less scary than the trip out, though I was left pretty wiped by the time we got home, which is why I haven't posted until now.

ETA: One thing I forgot to mention, which reminded me of the great affection I have for the culture of dad's church. As I was packing up the car, I passed a couple of senior citizens having a snowball fight in the pa!
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Yeah, I have to admit that, while I deeply regretted not being there, I was kind of glad not to be renting a car when I saw what the weather was turning into...

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