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Quiet night
Bar Harbor
Last night, kestrell asked for some sweetie-time, so I stayed home from dance practice. Had a fun, if quiet, night.

Watched a spooky movie on TV, The Others". Nicole Kidman plays the (stressed-out) mother of two photosensitive children. It's sometime around the end of WW2, and they've just moved into a big old spooky house, complete with a set of mysteriously sinister servants, and just possibly, some ghosts. It's a very slow-paced movie, with loads of creepy atmosphere, but very few actual scares. The plot has some interesting twists, and managed to successfully fake me out on where it was going at least twice, without actually cheating. Recommended, to fans of gothic suspense.

Of course, the fact that it faked me out may have been partially due to coming in about five minutes late, and missing some vital exposition. I know I missed at least one important piece, that led me to infer, about halfway through, that in addition to all the other wierdness, this was actually an alternate history where the Nazis won the war! The mother makes a few comments about the Nazi occupation. Further research after the movie was over shows that the story is set on a small island off the coast of England, that *was* actually occupied by the Nazis. D'oh!

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*is jealous of sweetie-time*

The Others particularly impressed me with its consistency and sustained suspense. I was hooked for the duration of the film and only wished we'd seen more of the landscape that was, out of necessity, kept to the obscure misty distance.

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