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Good Halloween
Bar Harbor
teenybuffalo came over to watch cheesy horror movies with kestrell and I. We started with Warlock (1989). Notable for starring Richard E. Grant With A Whip. Also starring Julian Sands as the eponymous Big Bad. Actually not a bad flick, as cheesy horror goes. Takes the unusual tack of having a magic system largely based on traditional witchcraft lore, rather than random made-up stuff. The special effects were rather weak, but the cast did a lot to make up for that with Intention and Emotional Commitment.

[Digression: Warlock features a sequence where our 17th century witch-finder encounters an airplane for the first time. It's a good time travel moment -- now in two directions. Not only do they have a ludicrously easy time getting through airport security, but there are people *smoking* on the airplane!]

Followed that up with the surprisingly similar Devil's Rain (1975). This was substantially more cheesy, though, what with William Shatner and Ernest Borgnine both over-acting for all they were worth. Also notable for involvement of famous Satanist Anton LaVey as a consultant. Some worthwhile moments, but not really recommended.

Both films could be described as "17th century witch and his nemesis end up in the 20th century, where they clash over a significant magical book." Moral Lesson: Don't mess with magical books.

The hordes started trickling by a bit before 5. They hit full force by 6, and we ran out entirely just before 7. The vast majority of the handing-out was done by Teeny, in her most excellent witch outfit.

Notable costumes included a Zombie Ninja (complete with throwing star embedded in his forehead), and a Zombie Princess Leia. Many assorted Princesses, Power Rangers, Superheroes, and Serial Killers. Somewhat fewer, but still notable quantities of vampires, italian plumbers, cute insects, and clowns.

There followed a brief clean-up period, after which Meredith fed everyone into submission. A most excellent day!

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Teeny, in her most excellent witch outfit

Frank the Goat says, "Access is denied. You do not have access rights to view this entry."

That's because she posted it to Friends Only. But it was excellent. Sounds like a great Hallowmas all around.

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