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Pestle Viewing Party, DATE CHANGE, Saturday, November 16, 1 PM
Bar Harbor
Date is changing, other details remain the same:

I will be hosting a viewing of "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" (one of the silliest plays of all time) at Melville Keep, on Saturday, November 16. Folks are welcome to show up any time after 1; play will start promptly at 2. There may be ordering of take-out afterwards. RSVPs appreciated, but not required.

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I am terribly confused about when this event is taking place. On the 9th or the 16th? I'm not sure whether I can come, but it sounds fun.

Sorry about the copy-paste oversight. The 16th. Would love to see you, it's been ages.

I hope to make it there. Any objection to me doing a little signal-boosting? (Eg, post a link in my LJ, entry in the carolingia-social calendar.)

Also, you might want to think about posting to the Baronial mailing list and FB group -- this is very much Baronial history...

Knight of the Burning Pestle Viewing Party, November 16

User jducoeur referenced to your post from Knight of the Burning Pestle Viewing Party, November 16 saying: [...] enjoys funny theater, may want to check out the viewing party that Alexx is running on November 16 [...]

Sounds fabulous. Have a wonderful time!

I'll be there, thanks!


Um, do I know you under some other name?

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