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Bar Harbor
This was the most the internet has made me laugh at one sitting in years. First, the trailer for The Hobbit part 2 comes out. Then a pair of fans post a silly video of them squeeing at the trailer -- mildly funny. *Then* someone grabs a bunch of actors during the filming of The Hobbit part 3, and films *them* watching and reacting to the fan video. *THEN*, the fans filmed their reaction to the actor's reaction to the fans' reaction to the trailer.

Come for the meta, stay for the ever-more-extreme facial expressions and contagious laughter.

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If only the actors in live theater could ever see such audience reactions, instead of having to infer it from giggles, gasps and the occasional loud sighs.

I saw a discussion of the Globe recently, that mentioned as a side note how performing in natural light, in mid-afternoon, let the actors be much more in communication with the audience than standard modern lighting allows for.

I can attest that we start our plays in natural light, end them with lights, and there is a difference--certainly our players do establish some communication--but not that much!

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