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Alexx Update
Bar Harbor
Still finding myself a lot more... alert while traveling than I want to be. This will pass.

My shoulder's been acting up increasingly for the last month. Saw the Ortho doc yesterday. He shot me up with steroids, which should theoretically improve things over the next five days. Still quite painful at the moment, but I'm hopeful.

Was cheered up considerably this morning by the discovery of a few ripe strawberries. The garden is under serious siege by weeds, but the strawberries are fighting back valiantly :-)

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I hope the steroids help. And I'm happy the strawberries were cheering.

I now have a mental picture of strawberries in little cheerleader outfits.

Thanks, now so do I. How do I get rid of it?

Happy to be of service. Imagine something absurd that is more to your liking?

Hope the meds help.

We have had 7 ripe strawberries so far, which is most of them since our patch is three plants in a strawberry jar.

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