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Distributed Proofreaders update
Bar Harbor
The Distributed Proofreading project has some new features of note. Firstly, in the Proofing Interface window, there is now a Page Detail button, which lets you look at the images and original OCRs for the entire project, any pages proofed so far, and diffs between the various rounds of proofing. Moreover, it's color-coded to let you see quickly what you, personally, have done. This is a *huge* step forward in functionality. You can now easily get more context for puzzling bits, and also see how other proofers are dealing with related problems.

Of more specific import, there is a new Project manager, going under the name "PM EETS". That EETS stands for Early English Text Society. They're the folks that have microfilmed pretty much all extant period english books. Apparently, someone is now systematically feeding these into PGDP, and thence into Project Gutenberg. If this works through to completion, it will be an almost unimaginably useful resource for historians and re-enactors. IMNAOHO, every SCAdian who is tech-literate enough to be reading LJ ought to be helping to contribute to this awesome project.

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Ah -- finally, I can go back and see what the heck is going on. Thanks for the heads-up; I haven't had a chance to do any proofing in the past couple of weeks.

And EETS!!! Way cool! Pretty much all of the most useful books I have come from microfilms off of the EETS project, so I strongly agree that this is a *fabulous* service, especially to the SCA...

So? Is there a Carolingian team yet?

Not per se -- the SCA team is still less than 2 dozen people...

So where is this Scadian team. I didn't see it listed.

The SCAdians team homepage can be found at (dig, dig, dig):

Unsurprising bunch of people -- me, Alexx, Greg, etc...

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